The Artist (2011)


Silent film + live accompanist: Jay Warren


Mark your calendars for a full, authentic silent film experience during the February 11th screening of THE ARTIST.


Chicago based silent film organist Jay Warren will provide a photoplay score for the unique 21st century-produced silent film THE ARTIST (2011).  Warren will compile a musical score based on Ludovic Bource’s original score, and implement historic silent film era mood and incidental music by period composers William Axt, J. S. Zamencik, and Gaylord Carter.  A forty-year veteran of silent film accompaniment, Warren is passionate about preserving silent film music, a genre in danger of “slipping through the cracks.”


Logan Theatre audiences attending THE ARTIST will be treated to an authentic 1920s-style film experience, with Warren bringing in his specially designed digital Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ to provide the photoplay accompaniment.  The theatre organ – a genuine American phenomena - was the workhorse of the silent film era. Dynamically superior to the piano and more spontaneous than an orchestra, it is truly “the voice of the silent cinema.”