• Movie Trivia Night!

    Movie Trivia Night!

    Every Tuesday starting at 8 PM, join us in the Lounge for Movie Trivia! 

  • Open Mic Comedy!

    Open Mic Comedy!

    While the movies are playing just over yonder in the theatres, come yuk it up with Chicago's comedic talent in The Lounge.  And wet your whistle at the bar while you're at it!

  • June Late Nights

    June Late Nights

    - Repo Man (1984): June 2-5

    - The Punk Singer (2013): June 6-8

    - Spaceballs (1987): June 9-12

    - Tank Girl (1995): June 13-15

    - Casablanca (1942): June 16-19

    - Rear Window (1954): June 20-22

    - The African Queen (1951): June 23-26

    - The Warriors (1979): June 23-26

    - Monty Python & the Holy Grail (1975): June 23-26

    - Wayne's World (1992): June 27-29

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