Friday, November 17th  |  7 PM  |  Logan Theatre Lounge



After 3 super fun playtest nights in the past, we're teaming up with The Nerdologues once again to bring you the 4th Playtest Party. Like previous years, this will still be a great night of mid-stage game testing in our bar and lounge, but this time around, C2E2 will be awarding a 100 square foot showcase booth in their 2018 expo to the winning participant of a juried competition. 


For game play-testers:

If you enjoy playing games and supporting independent creators, we'd love for you to be here. Play games, win prizes, enjoy drink specials, and chat with local table-top and video game makers.




Update 11/20/2017: 

Thank you to all the incredible game designers and players who came out in the spirit of indie games last Friday. It really is remarkable to see so much creative work all in one place. We'd like to extend extra thanks to our generous friends at C2E2, for allowing TWO games to be chosen as winners of sponsored booths in their 2018 showcase. Because of that, one tabletop game, and one video game have been selected. Winners, please check your inboxes for C2E2 booth details. Congratulations to the design teams of:




PC Game by Big Sir Games: Erin Beckman & Ian Beckman



Tabletop Game by Road To Infamy Games: Jeffrey Chin & Andrew Nerger







2017 Game Showcase:


Codemancer (by Bobby Lockhart / Important Little Games)
You play as Aurora, a girl who must learn Magic to Rescue her father. But Magic in Aurora's world works the way Programming does in ours, so players learn to code as they play. (made for 6-12yo)


The Moon Fields (by Raphael Azcueta / LUNARSIGNALS)
Sword & sorcery, brawler for 2 to 8 players. Choose from dozens of characters, weapons, spells, & gadgets before competing in fast paced matches where you smash or get smashed.

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team
(by TheWzzard)
Solve action based puzzles by coordinating two distinct characters, each with their own capabilities. Ruby the Person and Majesty the Bat navigate adventurous environments, both characters controlled by player simultaneously.

Cosmo's Quickstop
(by Big Sir Games)
Frantic 3D time management game where you run a gas station in space. Fulfill customers’ needs by completing minigames. Each minigame may seem simple, but as customers pour in, be sure to keep up.

Just Write
(by John Davies)
Pen and pencil social word building game similar to Boggle and Scrabble with a twist!

D.I.E. Interceptor
(by Fin Coe)
A 2-Duelist, 2-Dimensional, 2d6 dogfight in the cold uncaring void of space. Draft dice to perform maneuvers on your ship die as it accelerates, banks, and barrel rolls through the battlefield, collecting Powerup dice and firing on your opponent.

Hilarious party game where players mimic tunes to their teammates who try to guess the song!

Junk Planet
(by Jared Mason)
Players control 2 members of a spaceship crashed on Junk Planet: a crater filled with scrap from 100 different planets. Your crew will explore and scavenge for parts to repair their ship and enough fuel to take off, but be warned, other crews might be looking for the parts you need.

Nameoki Bottleworks
(David Antognoli, Michael Vaughn Green)
Dystopian cyberpunk bottle factory adventure.

True Messiah
(by Sinister Design: Craig Stern)
Strategy board game and deck-builder of surreal religious horror. Build temples and marshal followers, then mold their beliefs to perform miracles and destroy your rivals. They’ll be doing the same, but don’t worry–God is on your side…

In Retrospect
(by Paper Salamander Games: Andrew Nee)
In Retrospect is an action platformer, travelling back into your memories. Craft your own story and gameplay based on which collectibles you focus on! Health, wealth, love, education, creativity, or spirituality? What direction will your life take?

Project Highrise Tablet Edition
(by SomaSim)
Skyscraper building and management sim. Your job as the architect and developer is to build world-famous skyscrapers that will be the envy of the entire city smoothly - and profitably.

Color Hustle
(by Side Hustle Studio)
A table top tile game—based on color theory, Color Hustle is all about using your skill and guile to get rid of your tiles as quickly as possible.

Ground Floor Z
(by DrunkDevs)
Play as an Elevator operator, who's hotel is experincing a small, but significant zombie apocalypses. Save the people, and kill the zombies in this 2D arcade elevator-em-up.

Up Golf
(by Tom Huffman)
You golf cute animals up into the sky in a procedurally generated world.

(by Road to Infamy)
Crypt is a semi-cooperative, negotiaion game. Players are band of thieves battling mummies in the crypt in order to steal the most valuable treasures. But one cursed player won't make it out alive.

(by Columbia College Chicago Student Team)
There has been a fuel emergency aboard the R.V. Minerva. As the ship's 'caretaker bot', you’re responsible for the allocation of the now-precious energy reserves. Solve puzzles by powering different objects around the ship and entering simulations from the 3 crewmembers' memories.

(by JDE)
Ethereal 3D puzzle platform using your celestial powers to move objects in the world and bring back the great animal constellations of the world.

(by Keith A. Majewski & Brian Ewell)
Random map treasure hunt board game

(by FoxBo Games)
Play as a human that has been cursed into a monster, and each curse comes with its own set of special abilities. Travel the city map to lift your curse, but each quest you complete makes you weaker. Be wary of more than just other players too; hunters roam the streets attacking any monster they see. 



Competition Judges:

Kevin Reader - Card's Against Humanity's Artistic Director
Eric Garneu - The Nerdologues, Chicago Playtest Society
Justine Krueger - The Dungeon Rats Podcast (A VERY popular RPG podcast)
Jamie Sanchez - BitBash Co-Founder












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